Marine Ropes

Did you know we offer a full rope cutting and splicing service on site here at Fox’s Chandlery? 

We stock a comprehensive selection of rope from leading manufacturers and offer a complete splicing and rigging service, from a simple eye splice to dinghy and yacht rigging in wire and rod, to architectural rigging for landscape gardeners and architects. Fox’s Riggers have decades of experience in all forms of rope and wire rigging work. So, if you can’t see what you need on our website, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to quote.

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  1. Marlow Excel D12 Rope Colours 2.5mm to 5mm
    Special Price £1.58
  2. Marlow Excel V12 Rope Natural 3mm to 4mm
    Special Price £3.22
  3. Marlow Excel Racing Rope 2mm to 6mm Colours
    Special Price £0.90
  4. Marlow Excel Gemini Rope 7mm Orange
  5. Marlow Excel Taper Rope 6mm to 9mm Red
    Special Price £3.13
  6. Marlow GP Rope 4mm Orange or Lime Green
  7. Marlow Ropes Excel Fusion 7mm to 8mm - Black or Blue
    Special Price £4.83
  8. Marlow Ropes Excel Control 4mm - Red / Orange
    Special Price £1.29
  9. Marlow Excel Pro Rope Colours 2mm to 5mm
    Special Price £0.47
  10. Starbrite Dip-it Whip-it
    £16.56 RRP £18.91 Save £2.35
  11. RWO Rope Stopper Ball Pack 2 yellow 4mm
    Special Price £1.60
  12. SeaSure Parrel Bead Rope Stop 11mm

Items 1-12 of 50

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